5 Travel Essentials

If you're anything like me and hate doing nothing when you're traveling, then this post is for you. Every single time I travel, I have to make sure I have all of my essentials in my backpack or else I'm going to end up totally lost. Here are my five travel essentials:

1. iPhone: I have to have my phone with me to make sure that I'm getting everywhere on time. I schedule my entire life so if it's not on my schedule, it's not getting done or I'll miss it. Plus, who doesn't want the travel snaps and Instagrams?

2. MacBook: Since I work everywhere I go, I always need my MacBook. Whether it's writing app posts, editing videos, or watching a movie on the plane or in the car, I gotta have it. I'm not sure how many people edit their videos as they film them but if I'm traveling, every day I try to edit that day so when I take off, I can upload as soon as possible.

3. Perfume: I know some people may not like others who wear perfume on flights, but I always carry some with me because who doesn't want a refresh after a long flight or car ride? I typically reach for my Hollister Malaia perfume because it's my signature scent.

4. iPad Pro: I carry my iPad with me in case I have any meetings or quick work that I need to do for clients that don't require me pulling out my giant MacBook. It's also great for carrying around books, which if I could I'd carry 20+ with me at all times. 

5. A book: Some books, you just can't read digitally and If You Feel Too Much by Jamie Twarkowski, founder of the closest organization to my heart TWLOHA, is one of those books. As a person who really does feel too much, this book is honestly one of my favorite purchases in the past year. If you haven't read it, please check it out.

Those are my travel essentials that I can't live without on the road, what are yours?