Coveting Clearwater Beach

Last June I made one of my favorite trips in my life down to Clearwater Beach, Florida. I went for the wedding of two of my favorite people, you can see them in my Dallas travel diary. I've been many places in Florida, but Clearwater Beach was a first for me. It was absolutely beautiful. One of my favorite parts about Clearwater Beach was well the beach.

I only got a day to hang out at the beach before the wedding festivities started and I was able to rock one my favorite swimsuits from Victoria's Secret. All black and with some very nice low V cuts in the front and the back.

This trip was so much fun because like I said not only was it for a wedding, but I was IN the wedding and it was my first time being in a wedding. They had such a beautiful wedding and they're literally so perfect together. Ugh, let me stop gushing.

Me In Wedding Attire

Another great part about my trip was the food! My shrimp scampi from Frenchy's South Beach Cafe and my steak from SHOR (a restaurant in the Hyatt hotel) was some of THE best food I've had in a LONG time. I've got to go back to Clearwater Beach soon for the food, the water, and just the beach itself. I had an amazing time.

xo Toni