I don't know what it is about fall, but it makes me want to wear oversized clothes and drink more tea than usual. With it being a nice 79 degrees at the end of October, that wasn't an option today. So I decided to put a fall spin on the little black dress. I'm wearing a pajama top from Victoria's Secret. Yes, a pajama top. I felt like it added a little bit more edge.


My dress is just a simple little black t-shirt dress from Old Navy. Fun fact, I bought it because I thought it wasn't form-fitting. Turns out I picked up the wrong one. But thankfully, this dress hits me in all the right spots. 


Foot wear called for some heels today. I'm wearing some simple plain suede heels from Fabrik that can dress up any outfit in my opinion. From jeans and a tee to a t-shirt dress and a pajama top.


My hair and makeup I wanted to be very simple, a subtle smokey eye and a nude lip. My hair consisted of a low slicked back messy bun which I don't wear often. I have to admit, it was hard not to go with my trademark beach waves, but I felt like doing something different today. 


I love plaid shirts, especially oversized. What are your favorite fall outfits?

x Toni