Tea Time

I absolutely LOVE tea. Hence my Instagram bio. I have so many ways that I drink my tea and so many teas that I do drink. Here are some of my favorite teas and how I take them.

White Pomegranate Tea: This is the tea that I reach for on chillier mornings. It's got such a nice fruity but mild flavor. I usually add sugar to make it sweeter but it's got a nice flavor on it's own if you're into teas without sugar or honey. It's got such an amazing flavor and reminds me of a healthier version of Vitamin Water's Power-C flavor which is my favorite. 

Peppermint: I LOVE peppermint tea on any day as a wake me up. This is a tea that I drink almost every single day with a little bit of sugar and if I'm wanting something a little different, I'll add a little milk. I don't typically drink half and half or flavored creamers so a splash of milk is all I need.

Sleepy Time Tea: I'm a night owl and I'm always up working on something. Whether it's getting posts ready for my app, writing some music, or working on one of the many projects that I'm working on, I'm up late. Drinking sleepy time tea about an hour before I'd like to go to sleep, helps get me into that calming mindset.

Green Tea: Green tea is one of my go-to teas throughout the day, but I like to have it chilled and with a splash of milk and some sugar. This tea keeps me going all day long and I love it. It's also go such a good flavor.

Black Tea: For my last favorite, I LOVE just straight up black tea with a little bit of sugar and milk, which seems to be a theme. Adding a splash of milk just changes the entire flavor dynamic of drink. Sometimes, especially in the summer, I love mixing it with lemonade to have an Arnold Palmer and it's SO good.

If you haven't tried any of these teas, I suggest you get on it and taste them. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.

x Toni