Smokebelly Kale Salad

I'm all about a good salad and Smokebelly BBQ has one of the best kale salads I've ever had in my life! You've GOT to try it.

So in addition to my little recipes, I'm sharing all the places in Atlanta that I love to eat! First on my list is Smokebelly BBQ. Now while I absolutely BBQ, as any true Southerner does, I'm also always down for a good salad. I'm a huge kale lover and Smokebelly's kale salad is always a go-to for a quick lunch when I'm out and about. It's an extremely filling meal of kale, carrots, cucumber, candied walnuts, and my favorite part of the dish, the black pepper vinaigrette. Recently, I started getting smoked turkey added in and it is an AMAZING addition! I'm also usually NEVER a vinaigrette type of person. I normally reach for caesar or ranch dressing but this black pepper vinaigrette is absolutely to die for. I always get an extra because it's my absolute favorite dressing. I can't find the exact recipe for it because it's made by the restaurant and unfortunately I haven't quite perfected my homemade version of it yet. I used to get this salad at least twice a week but unfortunately they took it off the menu BUT you're ever in Buckhead, check out Smokebelly BBQ, you won't be disappointed. 

That's all for this Eats post.

x Toni