Day In the Life of An Influencer

A lot of people who come across me on social media know me for one of two things: singing or blogging/YouTube/my social media in general which in short is being an influencer. To put it lightly, there is no one way to be a blogger or YouTuber or influencer or whatever you want to call it. I wanted to make a post detailing what my usual days are like when I have my influencer hat on.


All of my mornings tend to be the same. I'll wake up around 9 AM and get either some coffee or a cup of tea, feed my dog, and once my morning drink is ready, I'll go to my desk and "officially" start my day by checking my emails and social media accounts. I have a good bit of emails to go through daily and I always want to get them out of the way before the day really gets started. After that, I go through my social media accounts and respond back to comments and DMs. Then around 10 AM, I get dressed and do my makeup if I'm shooting that day or have meetings. If I'm not shooting, I'll just get dressed. Once all of that is done, I start working on blog and app posts or editing videos. 


So around noon I'll usually get some lunch or head to a lunch meeting. This is also usually around the time that I'll start shooting content for my blog and app because the lighting is nice. I personally don't like using my studio lighting to take my shots so I try to shoot as many shots as I need to get done around this time and get them edited. If I need to shoot some outfits, I'll meet up with a photographer or a friend and find a cool place to get some outfit shots or an OOTD video. Once I have all of my content done for the day, I'll try to post something on social media. I'm still getting better at posting content consistently and around noon is the best time of the day for me to post.


I call it quits for work usually around 5 PM unless I wasn't able to finish the post or video I was working on. I do sometimes usually work on editing photos throughout the night if it's a chill night for me. But before I call it a day, I schedule any posts or videos that need to go up the next day if I haven't already. I use Squarespace to host my site and it's the easiest to schedule posts and do everything in one place. After that, I respond to some DMs sent to me on social media and my app. Then it's dinner time and I'll spend the rest of the night catching up on one of the shows that I watch or put on a movie, maybe read a bit out of the book that I'm currently reading, or editing some extra content.

So that's what my typical day looks like right now. I'm working on creating content and something new every day even if I'm not posting something new everyday, which I'm getting better at and I've been working on a lot of new content that will finally be going up soon. Thanks for reading.

xo Toni