Short Hair, Don't Care

I FINALLY MADE THE CHOP! I've been obsessed with long hair since I was little however for the first time in my life last year, all of that changed. I decided to "cut" my hair. Cut is in quotations because I didn't actually cut my hair, I cut my extensions. Some people might not consider it to be a real chop but I definitely do.

THE LOOK: I knew I wanted something similar to Kim Kardashian West's look from the 2015 Grammy Awards. But I also wanted to make sure it didn't look exactly like hers. Me and my stylist looked at a ton of other photos of cuts on people like Amanda SteeleRaven Elyse, and Sophia Bush. We took inspiration for all of these 'dos to create my perfect one.

THE PROCESS: My original extensions were 22 inches long and I'd been contemplating cutting them for months due to the fact that I get my hair done often and change my extensions out each time. To start off, my stylist took about 8-9 inches off. Then she shaped the cut to give me the perfect messy look that I wanted to achieve. Because my extensions were already wavy, all I had to do was flat iron my actual hair and I was good to go!

I'm absolutely OBSESSED with my new look and you'll definitely be seeing more of it in my new videos coming next month.

XO, Toni