Gotta Love Grindhouse

What to get at a burger place? A hotdog obviously! I'm the only girl you know who goes to a burger place and gets a hotdog, my trip to Grindhouse in Atlanta was no different. Grindhouse is a burger place in Atlanta and they have some very different burgers for any taste you may have. 

I love the bar feel of the place while they still manage to keep an edgy restaurant feel. With me recently turning 21, it's a new vibe that I haven't been around a lot but I do like it. Grindhouse has a pretty big menu and with that being said, I decided on 2 hot dogs with sauerkraut and mustard with a side of chili cheese fries. Some of the burgers looked interesting like the Cowboy Style burger or if I'm feeling healthier, the avocado salad looked good.

If you love burgers and edgy vintage spots with good morale, I'd hit up Grindhouse. Definitely a good place to go and meet up for drinks with friends or maybe even a chill date night with your babe. 

xo Toni