Szechuan Food + Bar

I'm getting more adventurous (kinda) with my food choices and today on my trip to Ponce City Market, I decided to try one of their dine in restaurants instead of a grab and go stand. Szechuan Food + Bar caught my eye and my nose. It smelled amazing and while I was originally gonna head to another spot, Szechuan smelled too good to pass up. 

Even though it's a dine in restaurant, it's still super small so everything was kept up to the side of the wall. It had a really cool "hole in the wall feel to it" which I loved. Based on what I've seen from pictures in China, some restaurants are actually small and compact which to me I think looks really cool from an architectural standpoint. But enough about how the place looks, onto what I ordered.  

I wanted a snack sized portion because portions at restaurants are huge and I wanted to make sure I'd even like the food. One thing I've learned is just because it smells good, doesn't mean it's going to taste just as mouthwatering. I ordered the pan fried dumplings which had pork, ginger, and green onions and it was so good! It had a great strong savory flavor and the soy sauce added a nice touch. They weren't overly cooked like some dumplings that I've had and were perfectly crispy.

If you're in Atlanta and you have to chance to stop by Ponce City Market (more on all it has to offer coming soon to the Atlanta Guide), definitely stop in at Szechuan Food + Bar for some food and enjoy a local Atlanta brew.

xo Toni