Victory Sandwich Bar

The Atlanta Guide is making it's long awaited return! This girl loves a good sandwich and since I've found Victory Sandwich Bar on the Belt Line, I haven't been disappointed. I went here for the first time last summer for my friend's birthday and I fell in love with it. It's a cool little spot with ping pong, movies on a projector, and some damn good sandwiches in Atlanta. This place is not only super "Instagram worthy" but the food is amazing and definitely great food after a day of hanging out with friends.


Their sandwiches are pretty small so I normally get two but the other night when I went, I'd already had some tacos a couple hours before. They're big enough for a full meal if you get multiples or just a snack like I did with one. I always order either a Hambo or a Castro. Pictured is the Castro which is smoked pork, ham, pickles, fontina cheese, and yellow mustard. Literally obsessed with it. Best part is that they're only $4! All their sandwiches come with fresh homemade chips and you can also get a bag of them on the side if you want extra. If you're 21 or older, you can enjoy my favorite drink there which is a Victory Libre or any of their other spiked sodas.


I've literally been obsessed with this place ever since and anytime I'm in the city and sandwiches are craved, this is the place to hit. I'm definitely looking forward to getting one of their VICnic basket which is enough for 4 people to have a nice picnic in the park. What more could you possibly want than good food, movies, ping pong, and drinks? You can find out more about Victory Sandwich Bar on their website or by stopping in if you're in Atlanta.

xo Toni