Here we are 11 days into June and I have yet to do my May Musings. Little back story on this month, I was massively busy. I recently got a new car and everything I had originally planned to do for May kind of got pushed back which is why the blog has been quiet and my channel hasn't had a new video until last week. I totaled my old car and literally ran around trying to find a new one. I also decided to start filming an app series around this time too and because of everything I had going on, it just didn't get done in time of when I wanted to launch it but it will be out this week. So now that you know how crazy May was for me, let's get into my May Musings.



I've been wearing black almost every single day. My summer uniform for the most part consists of a tank top, ripped shorts, and some vans. It's super hot this summer in Atlanta and I'm also doing more basic looks for everyday this year. I've really been simplifying my life in a lot of different ways (post coming soon on that) and wearing this look has been it for me. It's also a versatile look, if I throw on some heels it can be dressed up a bit.



I featured blackbear's last album cybersex a few months ago in another Musings post and in May I re-discovered digital druglord. I still love "do re mi" so much even though everyone is listening to that song now. Fun fact, I first started listening to his music when he was going by Mat Musto on MySpace and doing a completely different sound and I've been hooked ever since. 



Nachos have been a thing for me lately. I know, I know. I went from tacos to nachos. But I literally had nachos at least 10 times in the last 2 weeks of May. These nachos are from Taco Mac but the other nachos that I ate were from Deep End in Midtown (feature on them coming soon). I'm really big on beef and chicken nachos but I did try steak and I think I may have just found a new obsession.



Pressed Juicery is in Atlanta. I repeat: PRESSED JUICERY IS IN ATLANTA! I featured Pressed Juicery in an Eats post in November and I mentioned how they were only available in LA and New York unless you order it online. Well I recently found some in Atlanta and I could not be happier! I picked up the activated charcoal refresher and I've been drinking it a bunch and I feel great afterwards.


You guys have seen that I do love animation but one of my favorite shows ever is Archer. The new season premiered in April and so far I'm loving this season. I still miss the older seasons when they were still all spies but I totally get why they had to change the premise of the show. This season so far has been amazing to me.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to start a new book in May but June will definitely have one. What did you love in the month of May?

xo Toni