RC Cola + MoonPie Festival

Living in Atlanta, there's always a ton to do. But sometimes there's things that Atlanta just can't touch. One of those things is the RC Cola + MoonPie festival in Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Every year that I can, me and my mom head up to my hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee to hang out with my aunt and my grandparents and then we head to Bell Buckle for the RC Cola + MoonPie festival.

The idea is to get there early so that you can watch the parade. Obviously you don't want to miss the walking MoonPie! During the parade they also throw out a ton of candies and mini MoonPies for kids to catch. But of course being 20 and still a "kid at heart", I caught 4.

Next stop: food trucks! You HAVE to get a fried MoonPie and a RC cola to wash it down. That's the whole point of coming to the festival. This is one of the few times of the year, that I completely pig out and festival or fair food is my favorite! Obviously I got a fried MoonPie but I also had some nachos, a corndog, and some freshly squeezed lemonade.

I love going into small towns and just looking at the scenery. The total population there is about 500 people. They have a really cool bed and breakfast there called "The Mingle House" and it's right on the corner of Main and Church St. There are a couple antique malls there which I love going to and finding cool vintage souvenirs. This time, in honor of my 21st birthday coming up and my love of California, I bought an old shot glass from the 80's. All in all even with the scorching heat that turned into rain and then back into scorching heat, I had a great time!

x Toni