The Stüssy Look

I've been working for weeks on these new posts and I knew I wanted to film some new videos and shoot some new outfits for you guys. I put this outfit together for a day of filming, editing, and spending time with some close friends. Recently, I've started wearing more than jeans and t-shirt or some sweatpants and a tank top so I'm experimenting more and more in finding my personal style. Lately I've been more into street style which means my wardrobe has been filling up with more high waisted pants, crop tops, oversized shirts and jackets, and some new accessories.

I'm OBSESSED with high-waisted bottoms right now. My favorite pair are my American Apparel high-waisted riding pants. They have been a staple in my go-to wardrobe since I got them almost a year ago for the photo shoot I did for the old They're so comfortable and they really feature every part of your leg. Which means you can show off your bod, without showing too much of your bod. Unfortunately they're not available at American Apparel right now but I'm hoping they'll come back so I can get them in more colors. I'm obsessed with how they feel and the outfit possibilities you can create with them.

One of my favorite parts about this outfit are the shoes. These Nike Air Force 1 Mid's are my FIRST pair of hightop sneakers since I was diapers. I literally have lived in Toms, Abercrombie & Fitch sandals, and Nike Free Runs for the majority of my life. I've recently added in some heels, some Converse, but these Air Force Mid's are possibly my favorite piece that I've added into the rotation. I love the way they look with pants and leggings, especially black pants and leggings. They've also been a staple for years in fashion and at this point, they're somewhat of a classic shoe that you can pair with any outfit you piece together.

Photo Jun 04, 6 34 14 PM.jpg

This Stüssy shirt is also another very much loved new piece in my wardrobe. It's just a simple gray shirt with an 8 ball on the back. I love it because it's a shirt that can be dressed up and dressed down which is also what this outfit can do too. It can be a casual day hanging out, a weekend party, or a simple easy date night top. The options with styling this top are endless. I like to style this top casually only because of the way that this shirt fits me. I wear a small and they're normally a little bigger on me. Had I gotten a medium or a large, I would've paired it with some high waisted leggings for a more laid-back look.

Now for my details, I raided my mom's closet for her vintage black choker and her denim jacket from Gap. She's still waiting on getting them back (she's not). I'm carrying everything in my Michael Kors bag which as been a great replacement for my old Kimchi Blue bag that I can't replace. Lastly, my Apple Watch which is my favorite timepiece at the moment. If you're considering getting one, do it! A couple of my friends have them as well and while of course we used them as watches, we're always sending each other messages and using it for pictures and whatnot. 

xo Toni