5 Random Facts

While I planned on filming a makeup tutorial today, the weather says "nope, not happening" and since I film in natural light, it's a lost cause. So I decided why not do another random facts post so you guys can get to know me better? I love doing these kinds of posts because it helps you guys get to know me a bit better.

I don't Care About Looks

I already know what you're thinking. "How can you not care about looks? It's literally your job." Well be that as it may, I also know that looks aren't everything. I get messages from people asking me "how do you think I look?" and I always say "I don't care how you look." Yes I wear colored contacts (they're prescription so I'm just changing my eye color, I need to see) and I do wear weave as a protective style. The fact that people don't like to admit is that looks can be gone in 60 seconds. I know that people want to feel confident in their looks, I do too and I am. However, there's almost nothing physical that can't be changed in one way or another whether it be makeup or getting plastic surgery if they choose. What matters to me is how you treat me, how you treat other people. I've toyed with doing a whole post about this, what do you think?

I'm Scared of heights

There's nothing I hate more than being in a super tall building. I just can't stand being up super high. It's also the reason that I'm not crazy about flying even though I travel frequently. It just freaks me the fuck out being up that high. I remember when I went to the top of the Empire State building as a kid and I honestly wanted to cry. I do end up in a lot of high rise buildings and whatnot for work or visiting friends, but heights ain't my thing at all.

I Love The Rain

While I'm not crazy about what it does to my hair, I absolutely love rainy days. There's nothing that gets me in a more creative mood than rain. I will literally immediately get in the zone whether it be writing, editing some footage, or recording some new music. I know a lot of people hate the rain but it's everything. Something about the "gloomy" weather that literally makes me so happy.


I Just Started Working out

A lot of people think from my Instagrams or my Snapchats that I work out frequently and ask me for workout tips. I said I was actually going to in January and let's be real, that ended just as quickly as it began. I haven't worked out at all and it wasn't until this past month that I actually started doing different things. I still don't go to the gym (yet) but I do now have a nutritionist and a personal trainer. I also recently went to a yoga session that kicked my ass so I definitely think I'll be doing more of that as well.

I'm A Blunt Person

I will say whatever is on my mind at any time. I'm not into beating around the bush, speaking in code, etc. whatever you want to call it. I don't see a point in lying or not being upfront and straight. If I don't like something, I'll say it. If I love something, I'll say it. If I want out of a friendships or relationship or anything like that, I'll end it. I have no qualms about being upfront, straightforward, honest, frank, blunt, etc. I prefer a blunt honest person than to a lying yes-man who's just going to kiss my ass for whatever reason. I've had "friends" in the past who were only there to tell me that I looked good or that my music sounded great when in actuality they just wanted something from me. Then I've had amazing real friends who will tell me "hey kid you're fucking up right now, seriously get it together" and I couldn't appreciate that more.

I hope you guys liked this post in getting to know me better. Tell me a random fact about yourself.

x Toni