My Skincare Routine

I've simplified my skincare down to pretty much 3 products daily. There are obviously some one-off products here and there but I've finally gotten it down to a science of what works and what doesn't work for my skin. I have combination skin so my T zone gets oily and during the winter my cheeks tend to get a bit dry and sometimes flaky. Using H2O+ Beauty has been my saving grace. I still have acne scars from years of using just random skincare, not always washing off my makeup, and yes, picking at my skin, but overall my breakouts are gone.


I have nearly the same routine for morning and night with the night routine differing only if I wore make up or I'm doing a mask. First I dampen face and my Clarisonic brush head. I use a Mia 2* and in my opinion it's better than the Clarisonic Plus that I used to use. I use the H2O+ Beauty Elements Keep It Fresh Face cleanser which is for normal to dry skin. Since I have combination skin, this works perfectly. Onto the brush and onto my skin for the minute cycle that the Clarisonic does. The packaging says to massage into skin for 30-60 seconds and doing the full 60 seconds has made a noticeable difference to me. Next, I use the Elements Mighty But Gentle toner because I have a ton of acne scars from high school and the past few years before I nailed this routine down that I'm still treating. Lastly I'm using some older H2O+ Face Oasis Sea Foam moisturizer which keeps my skin hydrated all day. This is my every day routine for when I'm not wearing making and every morning.


On nights when I wear makeup, I always remove it with the Elements Wipe Away the Day face cloths. They actually do remove makeup in one swipe which I need because I do wear a full face pretty much every day that I go out because I try to shoot a lot of content. After I use the Wipe Away the Day cloths, I'll go into the routine that I mentioned above and sometimes I'll do brightening masks. If I'm doing makeup for shooting I'll do a primer mask. My skin lately has been feeling really refreshed doing this.

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*The Mia 2 was gifted by Clarisonic USA