3 Things To Do On Saturdays

Saturdays are the best days for doing a lot or absolutely nothing. For me, it depends on how my week went. I could want to take on the world and do every single chore around my house from dishes to laundry to cleaning up my room or I could be still in my PJs wanting to binge watch Game of Thrones (I'm still on season 2 and just started, don't judge me haha). Now 9 times out of 10 the motivation is short lived and the chores fall to Sunday but in general Saturdays just feel like a day to do something to me. Here are 3 things to do on Saturdays.

Get Brunch

Having brunch with friends or family is a weekend staple for me. My friends and I meet up sometimes and go to Amelie's, the cutest bakery in Atlanta, or my mom and I will go to First Watch (post on that coming soon). I love brunch and I feel like it's a staple on Saturdays. Nothing beats a cup of coffee, a good waffle, and some fruit. My favorite brunch spots are Amelie's, First Watch, and J. Christopher's.

Read A Book

I love reading and I've always got my nose in a new book. On Saturdays I like to start a new book, I read maybe 2 to 3 books a week so Saturday is my day of picking what I'm going to read for the week. This past week I read Gone Girl (post about that coming soon as well) and so this upcoming week I wanted to go back to an old favorite. I picked The Perks of Being A Wallflower because it's absolutely timeless in my opinion. 

Get A Workout In

I'm not a gym rat by any means. I don't even actually work out consistently. However I do the occasional walk around the park with my pup, Poppi. But if you're wanting to make that lifestyle change and get in shape, Saturdays are the best days to workout. There are some great YouTube videos that can help you find a starting point. Or maybe you're more of an outdoors person? Take a walk around the park or your neighborhood. Maybe it'll help you feel better.

xo Toni