Beach Weather

So today was supposed to be a rainy day in Atlanta. Guess what? It wasn't. Good thing for me, I'm always good in a mostly black outfit. I'm a sucker for a cute band tee. I probably have over 50 of them from all the concerts I've gone to. We're talking everything from a vintage Jonas Brothers Burnin' Up Tour tee to a Misfits shirt, and yes I listen to all the artists of the tees that I rock. Today was I grabbed my already loved Beach Weather "Chit Chat" tee that I bought a few months back when I went to see them on tour with my favorite band, The Maine. Normally I wouldn't go for this shirt because it's purple but somehow it works so I had to get it.


I've been obsessed with olive green parkas for the longest time now and I needed one that was just a little bit shorter than my other one just for every day. This one from Abercrombie & Fitch was a bit shorter and was absolutely perfect. It never fails, no matter how hot it is outside, I always end up using my jacket. I'm literally that friend that says "make sure you grab a jacket" when it's 90 degrees outside. 9 times out of 10, it ends up getting used.

xo Toni