A Reinvention of Sorts

Hi, I'm Toni and I've been a shit content creator as of late. Since the beginning of spring, I've been uninspired with not only the content I was creating on my blog, but on my channel and my social media. I felt like I was just posting to post, my feed was a mess, my videos felt rushed. I wanted to change. So, this past month, that's what I did. I spent the entire month creating content and shooting for yet another rebrand. I went through all the posts on ToniBaldwin.com, my Instagram, and my app and videos that I'd uploaded on YouTube and archived content that was stale, didn't fit my content, or just plain boring. My Instagram got it the worst, I deleted every single post (still cringing at that omg!!). I know I could've just started posting different photos and edits but I just wanted a clean slate. ToniBaldwin.com also has yet another new look as you can see. I guess you could call this, a reinvention of sorts. While I want to share what I'm wearing and my makeup looks, I also want to share vlogs that show me as a person. That's what my platforms have always been for. With all of that being said, I hope you enjoy the new content that I create.