Naked Skin

I love doing a full makeup look almost every day. There are some days that I like having a nice chill "no makeup" makeup day but today, my makeup artist and I decided to do a full glam look for my blog. I recently picked up the Urban Decay Smoky palette because they're discontinuing and decided to let her play around with it. I knew I (obviously) wanted a smokey eye and a darker lip since fall is coming up. But I knew whatever look I went with, I wanted my actual skin to look flawless and natural.


She did an amazing job on my makeup and she covered all of my flaws using the Urban Decay NAKED Skin concealer*. This was my first time ever using concealer to actually conceal rather than to highlight when I'm contouring my face. My face stayed concealed and flawless all day and all night. It really did feel like my skin and didn't feel heavy like other foundations or concealers normally feel on my face when a makeup artist does them. It really did feel like my skin. This was my first time using Urban Decay concealer and I'm sold.


I would definitely recommend this concealer for spot coverage even if you're not wearing a full face because it's smooth, it blends, and it feels like nothing is even on your face. It stays even without a makeup set which is something I need. I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

xo Toni

*The Urban Decay NAKED Skin Concealer was gifted to me by Urban Decay Cosmetics. This post is NOT sponsored.