If it's one thing I know and love, it's steak. Today's post is about one of my absolute favorite restaurants: Longhorn Steakhouse. I'm a filet mignon type of girl, medium. To start our meal we got some of their Wild West shrimp which are so amazing. I really like spicy food but these give just a little kick to them but my favorite part is the main course.

Tonight I ordered my usual, a 6 oz. Flo's filet, medium, with a loaded baked potato. While I believe that steaks are good on their own, I prefer mine with A1 steak sauce. It's something about the flavor of A1. I can literally put it on anything and instantly whatever dish I'm eating, is better. I especially love a little bit of it in my baked potato too. Mixed in with the chives, bacon, cheese, and sour cream, the A1 brings a different twist to the potato to me.

Longhorn is a place for some good Texas food even if you're not in Texas. I highly recommend the Flo's filet and the Wild West Shrimp if it's your first time. You definitely won't regret it.

xo Toni

Animal Style

I recently went to Texas and I was able to get something I haven't had in almost 10 years. In-N-Out. Double double, animal style. Now I love a good burger but I'm unfortunately EXTREMELY picky. The only burgers that I eat without a special order are Big Macs and Double Doubles, animal style. If you can't get to LA to get the original In-N-Out, get to Dallas and you're good to go!

X Toni