XO Toni

Wellness Diary 001

I can’t even count how many times I’ve said I was going to start working out and it lasted no longer than 30 days max. This past year, I made a New Year’s resolution that I would ACTUALLY work out. Once again, I tried it and it just didn’t work. I’m one of those people that if I try it and I’m not immediately somewhat decent at it on the first go, I usually quit. I had literally no fucking idea what I was doing and let’s be real, I eat entirely too many Big Macs. Earlier this year I was introduced to my friends Kymmi and Alexandria and they’ve inspired me. While I’m not a gym rat and I genuinely don’t actually like working out, it has to be done. No pain, no gain right? With that said, I decided to start posting wellness diaries to not only hold myself accountable (in addition to Kymmi kicking my ass) but to also show progress because who doesn’t love results? They may be regular blog posts like this one or a video on my channel but you’ll see what workouts I’m doing, what I’m eating, and yes I’ll be sharing my gym looks too for all you girls who just want to look the part (aka my past self). With that said, welcome to my wellness journey.

Before | Taken 11.7.2018


When it comes to fitness goals, I don’t really have massive goals that are going to take a long time to do. I realistically would just like to tone up my body, flatter tummy. Regular fitness goals for someone who doesn’t particularly care for going to the gym. Now I know this means I’ll obviously have to cut back on the whiskey and the fries but it’ll be worth it. Physical health is just as important as mental health and lately my physical health has really been taking a backseat. So my goal isn’t necessarily a number weight, but I want to be fitter and stronger. I want my body to reflect how well I feel inside, outside.

So today, we’re officially a week into training and let me tell you, Kymmi is kicking my ass. We’ve been doing the full body and currently my legs are on FIRE from leg day. My workout past consists of 30 days of hitting it hard with squats and sit-ups and then I quit. Replacing my late night taco and pizza cravings with bananas or pineapple is a lifestyle change that while difficult for me, is something that’s coming easier than I thought it would. I’ve also been drinking water like crazy. I hadn’t been keeping up with my water but I bought a GHP Tritan water bottle and I’ve been clearing these daily. I’ve had one for a while but it used to take me like 2-3 days to finish one and now I’m finishing one a day.

So that’s it for my first little wellness check-in. I’m not a fitness guru, personal trainer, wellness coach, etc. I’m just a person starting a wellness journey so if you want to do something similar, consult someone who’s qualified like an ACTUAL fitness guru or personal trainer or wellness coach. Just a little disclaimer before I’m overrun with questions about techniques and whatnot. So happy wellness and let’s get hotter!

xo Toni