Tin Drum

Recently I tried a new restaurant called Tin Drum. I'd seen it around and a few of my friends had suggested it but I still never went. Last week, I decided to be bold (for me anyways) and try something new. Tin Drum is an Asian cafe and those who know me, know I love Asian food. 

Today I tried something different and tried the vegetable spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce. I'm used to having spring rolls with meat in them but these were SO good I forgot that there wasn't meat in them. Now onto my main course, sesame chicken.

I am OBSESSED with Tin Drum's sesame chicken dish. I always order it with fried rice instead of white rice because to me, it tastes SO much better. I love broccoli so much and it added a really nice crunch to along with the chicken. The sesame seasonings were just SO good. I usually never get sesame chicken, I usually go for mango, bourbon, or orange but I'm so glad I checked out Tin Drum and tried something new.

x Toni