It's Always A WaHo Kind of Day

Waffle House (or WaHo as a lot of people call it) is honestly a staple in my weekly routine. I know it's not healthy, but hey, everything is great in moderation. I have to go at least once a week to stay sane. Usually those trips take place between 1 and 4 am but they're always the best. Something about late night food runs with good people. While this isn't the best option for food nutrition wise, it's just SO good! My favorites from the menu are the biscuits + gravy, the 2 egg breakfast, and of course the famous Allstar. Today, I stopped in and got the 2 egg breakfast with hashbrowns with a side of pickles, yes pickles because restaurant pickles are the BEST, after a long week of recording and filming, it was THE best. If you've never had WaHo, you're missing out BIG time!

XO, Toni