J. Christophers

Brunch is probably one of my most eaten meals since I'm "late" riser. I wake up at 10 am on weekends and by the time I take care of my pup and get ready for the day it's usually around 11 am. My mom and I decided to go and get brunch at J. Christopher's after every other brunch place in Atlanta had a 2 hour wait and it was SO worth it. 

Any time I'm eating breakfast, or brunch in this case, I almost always go for a waffle. J. Christopher's has some of the BEST Belgian waffles I've ever had in my life. No matter which location I'm at, they always have some yummy light and fluffy waffles that come with powdered sugar and butter. I prefer just plain maple syrup and butter on mine but they do offer fresh fruit toppings which my mom usually gets.

For my sides, I opted for the a la carte bacon, oven-roasted potatoes, and one egg. I normally never get eggs when I'm out at a restaurant but J. Christopher's gets them just right almost as if I made them myself. The oven-roasted potatoes have such a distinctive savory flavor that I always like to have if I order a sweet main dish, which in this case is the waffle. The bacon was absolutely flawless. I like medium bacon, not too chewy, not too crunchy. This bacon was JUST right in the middle. 

I've been going to J. Christopher's for brunch for years. They're only open from 7 am to 2 pm so in my experience it's best to go around 12:30. I haven't been disappointed yet and I don't think you will be either if you try it out.

xo Toni