Diner Bakery Company

Have you ever driven by a place multiple times wanting to stop and try it out and always forget? That was the case with Diner Bakery Company located in Kennesaw, GA which I had passed so, so many times. One night my mom and I decided that we'd try it out. The look of the restaurant immediately caught my eye from the side of the road one night and it went on my list of places to try.

I love the old diner atmosphere that the place has. One thing I noticed is that they had a HUGE menu, I'm talking 6+ full pages of food. While I was flipping through, I ordered one of their handcrafted sodas with vanilla flavoring. I love vanilla Sprites and this handcrafted soda tasted like one, but better. It tasted like a glass bottled soda. I don't know about you, but I like glass bottled soda much more.

I finally decided to order some wings and oh my! I ordered hot wings and some lemon chicken rice soup. Unfortunately for me, they ended up being out of the soup for that day but after biting into the wings I tasted not only a nice spice but also a light smoky flavor. Smoked. Hot. Wings. Yes. Just yes. They came with bleu cheese but thankfully they had ranch as well so I was able to quickly switch that out.

I'm definitely going back to Diner Bakery Company soon. I wasn't disappointed at all and I'm so glad I decided to stop in when I did because there's so much on this menu that I want to try.

xo Toni