After many years of being what many consider to be boring with my eats, over the past few months I've tried new foods. Pho is definitely one of my favorite new things that I've tried. After meeting up with some friends for a quick drink but not having dinner at CO, I knew I wanted to try their pho. It wasn't my first introduction to pho as I'd had it before but it was at 3 AM on the weekend after some cocktails and I just feel like I didn't really have the full pho experience. My friend and I decided while stuck in traffic that CO would be the perfect place for dinner.


We started out with the pulled pork tacos which come with bell pepper, cucumber cilantro aioli, onions, and radish. Out of everything I just named, the only thing that I would've willingly tried was the cucumber cilantro aioli. The tacos were extremely flavorful and as you may know from my last Musings post, I've been obsessed with tacos for a while now. These had a different flavor that I wasn't used to but I loved them. 

Now onto the main course: pho. I ordered their beef pho which was absolutely amazing. As I said, still new to the world of pho and all of the possibilities but I do know that whatever pho I order, I always add a ton of cilantro and lime. It makes it taste 10x better in my opinion. I'm not a fan of sriracha or bean sprouts at all so lime and cilantro is all I need. The pho was not only filling but the broth was so flavorful. Naturally, this pho was thoroughly demolished and I don't regret it one bit.

I was obsessed with the vibe of CO and I'm so glad that I decided to come back and try it because I was definitely not disappointed. Next time I'll be trying their pork and crab spring rolls and the spicy beef pho. CO is located in multiple places around the country so if you're able to stop in and try it, I recommend it for sure. Let me know how you like it.

xo Toni