Chido & Padre's

If you've been a long time reader then you know I used to be obsessed with a place called Smokebelly BBQ in Buckhead for their amazing kale salad. Unfortunately Smokebelly is no more and has been replaced by a place called Chido's & Padres from the same company that also opened another favorite, The Big Ketch. I was skeptical to try it but we all know I can easily be won over with some good tacos. The interior got a whole new look obviously. 


It went from rustic southern BBQ joint to now a fiesty colorful place. I am absolutely in love with the Frida Kahlo painting. I love her art and got even more interested in it after watching a few movies about her life. The mural is such a nice tribute. Now, what you really came here to read about, the food.


My friend and I started out with queso and guac because of course, you gotta start off with queso and guac. I'm not usually a fan of yellow queso but theirs was actually surprisingly good. But their guac, oh my God. Chunky guac that has a lot of cilantro and lime is my favorite (and how I make it) so their guac was absolutely perfect. It's not Chipotle guac, but I was highly surprised at how good it was. I would honestly go back just for the guacamole alone. The salsa was spicy but not overly spicy. I'm a fan of smooth salsa so this salsa was definitely a favorite. 


The main course for me was of course, tacos. I ordered the Chido baja fish tacos and let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. I've been sticking to my New Year resolution of trying new things. That includes not taking anything off my food that I haven't tried unless I already know I don't like it. For example, cole slaw is best served in the trash however the house made jicama slaw from The Big Ketch is amazing on the grouper tacos. This taco came with red cabbage escabeche which is Mexican pickled vegetables. I was skeptical but I said "fuck it" and oh am I glad I did. These tacos were AMAZING. Of course I put the green rice and black beans on top with some hot sauce and lime but just off the first bite without my additions, I was obsessed. I will definitely be going back for some more tacos!

xo Toni