Classic Grey

You can never go wrong with a basic dress and a denim jacket. Today called for a basic look. I went to Fellini's, my favorite pizza place, with some friends before heading out to a movie. I wanted something that would be comfortable and also something that could handle Atlanta's ever changing weather considering it was 80 degrees earlier and as I'm typing this, we're boasting a cool 68 degrees.

For the details, World Market rings and of course my over-worn Michael Kors watch. All silver as usual because fun fact, I absolutely cannot stand gold or rose gold jewelry or hardware. For some reason I never have and silver just looks so much cleaner to me. 

Finishing off the look with my favorite shoes, my trusty white converse. Great choice since I did a lot of walking today and they just add to the classic look because converse are classic shoes. How I've kept them this white for over a year, I have NO idea but they're still white(ish) for now. What's your favorite classic look?

x Toni