Spring Nail Picks

Spring is finally here! Before I started getting gel nails, I rarely got my nails done because being a musician and playing guitar all the time, having a manicure is WORTHLESS. However, getting gel nails has completed changed that and I'm no longer constantly sporting glue on french tips or chipped black nails. Here are my favorite spring nail colors.

  1. Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in the color "Sea" is one of my favorite pastel green colors for the spring time. Definitely a way to dress up your nails or just a fun St. Patrick's Day color for those of you our there who like to go all out.
  2. Wet n Wild in the color "French White Creme" is meant for french tips BUT I absolutely LOVE having some simple white nails. This formula is probably one of my favorites because it's SUPER smooth and it's thick enough to give out enough color without having to put on a ton of coats.
  3. OPI in the color "Bubble Bath" is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE color for spring. It's a super light pink and I wear it almost all spring long. It's possibly the best color for spring because the pink pastel literally goes with everything.
  4. Wet n Wild in the color "Blazed" was my favorite for spring break. I love the coral look and it's way more of a statement color.
  5. Del Sol in the color "Electrick" is probably my favorite vacation color. It changes from blue to green in the sunlight. You can get in the Caribbean and I got my bottle as a gift while on a cruise to Jamaica. I absolutely LOVE it.
  6. Wet n Wild in the color "Dreamy Poppy" is one of my favorites for a night out. I absolutely love the pop of color that it adds to any outfit. Usually when I wear this color I'm wearing some basics so I love wearing this to add a pop of color to my look.
  7. My Essie Gel Setter has become my favorite top coat because I'm able to finally play my guitar and not worry about whether or not my nails are going to chip. I usually keeps my nails from chipping for about 2 weeks so it's definitely worth it.

Let me know if you guys try any of these colors this spring!

xo Toni