Not Your Mom's Shorts

There's "mom" shorts and then they're shorts your mom wouldn't be caught dead in. I'm wearing the ones that she wouldn't be caught dead in and I look damn good wearing them.

Today was Friday and I was NOT feeling up to wearing some extravagantly planned outfit. My week has been filled with dressing up (sorta) for meetings and filming for content so I just wanted a simple jeans and a t-shirt look. But with it being 90 degrees in Atlanta, jeans weren't an option. I opted for some American Eagle high waisted shorts, a plain grey t-shirt from Victoria Secret PINK, and of course some comfy summer Converse. For my accessories, I'm just wearing some studs from Claire's, my iPhone case is a Wildflower Case, and my Apple Watch. This look was so comfortable and ended up being the perfect pick for ending the week running errands and a chill night with my friends.

x Toni