Everyday Skincare Routine

Yes, another H2O+ filled post (I promise they're not sponsoring me!!). I started my skincare journey in July 2013 with H2O as yet another effort to get rid of my acne after my Neutrogena 30 day acne kit failed me. I was shopping at a Marshall's and discovered H2O just sitting in the facial care section. I picked up the entire set hoping that this would be my saving grace. It was and I've used it ever since, every day.

I've laid out my daily routine from left to right: cleanser, toner, overnight repair serum, and moisturizer. I only use the overnight repair serum at night when I wash my face for the second time though.

download (2).jpeg

I start with applying some of my Dual-action Exfoliating cleanser to my Clarisonic brush. I use the longer cycle on my brush so that way I'm really getting all the dirt off my face and making sure that my face is 100% clean. Next I take a cotton pad and with my Water White Advanced toner, I go over my face with that. One thing that I always do is let my toner dry on my skin before I apply my moisturizer. I found that it makes my skin less tight and leaves my face feeling very refreshed.

Lastly, I finish up with my Marine Daily moisturizer and then I'm good to go for the day. At night, this routine changes slightly as I apply my Overnight Perfecting Peel serum and then apply the Marine Daily moisturizer. Since I've been using H2O, I rarely break out and my skin always feel refreshed, even throughout the day. It got rid of my acne and it's the only brand I've found that works with my skin. What's your favorite skincare brand?

XO, Toni