Review: H2O+ Milk Body Wash + Lotion

One thing that you'll learn about me from my blog is that H2O+ is my 100% favorite brand to use on my skin. I discovered the brand in Marshall's about 2 years ago when I was in desperate need of another facial cleanser due to acne. I was using Neutrogena's 30 day acne kit and I had great results...for about 2 weeks then all of my acne came back. Since then, I only use H2O on my skin. Today I'm going to give you guys my review of their Milk Body wash and lotion. 

For starters the body wash smells INCREDIBLY clean. I personally don't care for heavy scents but this one is just the right amount of clean smell for me. I also deal with rougher skin on certain parts of my body such as my hips. After only 3 uses, the Milk Body Wash has completely softened my skin and it's smoother than ever. It's totally worth the $11. 

Now for the Milk Body Lotion, I use this everywhere on my body immediately after showering and it leaves my skin soft, moisturized, and smelling great! I normally have dry skin during the winter months and this body lotion eliminates any dryness I may have from the second I put it on and stays that way all day. All in all, I would 100% recommend the Milk Body wash and lotion.

XO, Toni