Ponce City Market: Part I

Welcome to the Atlanta Guide! While I've already got The Atlanta Guide: EATS up and running, my TRAVELS: The Atlanta Guide will be telling you all the in and outs of Atlanta directly from a local. The first in this series is a landmark in Atlanta's Old Fourth Ward: Ponce City Market. I recently just went here for the first time myself and I was so upset that I hadn't gone sooner.

The first thing you see when you walk into from the side I parked on is the big Ponce City Market logo across the building. Going here I just knew there were some shops and some restaurants. When I walked in, I was surprised to see the shops were actually shops that I would frequent normally like West Elm, Williams Sonoma, and Anthropologie. But I went for lunch and the food hall was packed and for good reason. The food there is amazing! I've only tried two places one of them being H&F Burger and I loved it. 

During the week there aren't many people here however if you're here on the weekend, be prepared to be around a bit more people. But in Atlanta, that's expected. I personally love the shops there. They have a wide range of stores with some of my favorites being West Elm, Anthropologie, and Sephora. Around the Beltline and definitely the food hall you'll find a ton of people on the weekends or at lunch time if you go during the week. On the Beltline you'll find a beautiful view as well as a nice walking trail or riding trail if you'd like to rent a bike. 

The last place at PCM that I'm going to show you for this part is the Food Hall. I've eaten here a few times and so far my favorite is H&F Burger. While it's not usually too crowded during the weekday, when it hits lunch time you've got a TON of options. Whether you're looking for a good salad, candy or gelato, a good burger, or some good southern fried chicken, the Food Hall has it all. While I'll be posting some more places from the Food Hall in my The Atlanta Guide: EATS, you can check out the full Food Hall directory here.

Because Ponce City Market is so big, I decided to split this guide into two parts. This part 1 covered all the stores, restaurants, and activities on the lower level. Next time I'll be showing you guys all around the roof which features a mini Atlanta amusement park! I can't wait to show you around my city more through these cool little guides. See you soon.

xo Toni