Airport Life: My Top 10 Travel Tips

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I absolutely love to travel! Seeing the world and exploring the abundance of cultures that inhabit it are two passions that I have. Now one thing I can't stand are airports. Going through airports are a major pain for me because of the huge volume of people. Because I travel so much, here are my top 10 travel tips for your next trip when flying!

  1. BABY WIPES: I always bring baby wipes in my carry on for after TSA screenings. Walking around on the floor where everyone else has been barefoot is unsanitary to me so having the baby wipes to wipe off my feet after screening is a must.
  2. POWER BARS: If you travel with your phone or tablet, even with the charging stations, your device may run low on power before or during your flight. I always bring a pre-charged power bar so I always have at least 4 extra hours in case my phone or tablet dies.
  3. HEADPHONES: Airports are noisy places and I like to block out the noise by listening to music or watching a movie on my laptop while I'm either waiting for my plane or while I'm in flight.
  4. SNACKS: I'm always a little hungry on flights and the peanuts and sodas that are offered aren't usually enough. There are a ton of places in the airport to eat but if you'd like be sure to pack a quick snack in your carry-on bag. I totally recommend making a small portion of my Sweet + Savory Popcorn Trail Mix for your carry on bag.
  5. BOOKS: I'm a huge bookworm so whether it's downloaded on my tablet or it's a physical hardback, I need to have a book for the flight. These are also a great way to occupy your time if you have any layovers.
  6. ACTIVITY BOOKS + APPS: I don't know about you guys, but I love any type of activities when I'm on a flight. It can be anything from a sudoku book to a fun iPad game (I'm guilty of playing Cooking Fever 24/7). These are great if you don't like to sleep on your flight or you're traveling alone and don't feel like pulling out all of your approved electronics.
  7. PERFUME OR BODY SPRAY: I know some are SUPER sensitive to smells which is why I don't recommend spraying them inflight. However, once you exit the plane, I always like to spritz just a little bit on my wrists and my neck to freshen up.
  8. MAKEUP: While I rarely wear makeup to the airport, my flights are usually in the day so once I get to my destination I usually like to spruce face up a bit by adding some eyeliner, mascara, and a tinted lip balm. 
  9. CAMERA: I LOVE documenting my travels! Whether it's a quick Instagram post, a full length blog, or a travel diary, I always need a way to document my trip. I recommend bringing a camera along with you to take pictures to remember forever!
  10. BLANKET: Last but definitely not least, bring a blanket for your flight. It's usually chilly (at least to me anyway) on planes so bringing a light blanket that can fit in your carry on bag. Some airlines may offer blankets, but I like bringing my own.

That's it for my airport travel tips. What are some of your travel tips? Let me know!

XO, Toni