So here on the LOVING section of my site, I'm going to be show you guys everything I'm absolutely loving at the moment whether it's music, clothes, and everything else in between. Here's everything I was loving this December.

Band Tees

Literally I've been obsessed with band tees, usually on the oversized side, for a while now. I just picked up one from ASOS and a couple from Old Navy and I love them. You can dress them up or dress them down and they're just so badass looking.

Bone Marrow by G-Eazy (feat. Danny Seth)

 Official cover art:

Official cover art:

I've been blasting this song pretty much since it came out. I'm a huge G-Eazy fan and this was one of those surprise releases. Definitely been playing this on repeat ALL day.

Black Nails

I. Love. Black. Nails. Literally they're the only color other than burgundy and baby pink that I paint my nails. They go great with everything in my closet and can add a little edge to any outfit.

That's everything I've been loving for the month of December.

XO, Toni