2017 is starting off just right for me. I fell off on the blog last year with my monthly Loving posts but this year I wanted to include some more of what I'm loving beyond products and clothes. Because I'm now going to be sharing more than just products I'm loving, I've re-named the category to Musings. In the Musings section of ToniBaldwin.com and my app you'll be seeing everything from food to music to places I'm hanging out at from now on.



I've been wearing darker colored details lately which I'm no stranger to but this month I've been feeling really broody and my looks reflected that. For my birthday I got a new Apple Watch and some Ray-Bans and I've been obsessed with how the stainless steel and gunmetal accents every single look I've put together. The perfect accents also come in the form of scent and this month I wore my signature scent, Hollister's Malaia, every single day. It's got such an amazing mix of soft petals and sheer woods. I feel like I'm in LA every time I wear it.


 Photo via blackbear on Facebook

Photo via blackbear on Facebook

I've been playing cybersex non-stop since blackbear dropped it last year. I first discovered him as Mat Musto on MySpace years ago and I've been listening ever since. His last album digital druglord is one of my favorite albums of 2017 hands down. So when I heard he dropped a new album I had to get it. I've been listening to it non-stop since it came out and a few songs have been on my Apple Music playlists. Wouldn't recommend it if you're on the younger side but definitely a good record.



I did a whole post about bacon avocado however I've lately been obsessed with egg avocado toast lately. This is my go-to breakfast every morning with usually a kombucha or some tea if I'm out of kombucha. It's very filling and doesn't take much to make, obviously. Little salt, little pepper, dash of onion powder and I'm starting my day off perfect. A lot of people have been asking for an updated "What I Ate Today" video and I can assure you this will be making an appearance.




So as I said, avocado toast with egg (instead of bacon even though I did a whole post with bacon) has been where it's at for me during breakfast the past 2-3 months. While I still sip my tea at least once a day, I've been drinking Health-Ade kombucha with it almost every morning. I do feel better after drinking it in the mornings, especially after a night hanging out with friends and eating or having a couple of cocktails.


Kingsman is the last thing I wanted to include in this because I LOVE these movies. Hopefully they do make the last one and give us a trilogy. Not many people know that I like spy and action movies. I grew up watching 007 and I've been hooked ever since. Taron Egerton (Eggsy) plays this role amazingly well and he's not too hard on the eyes if you catch my drift haha.

That's it for this month's musings. I don't have a book to share with you for this month but you can definitely expect on next month. You can shop everything I've mentioned below.

xo Toni

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