5 Favorite Fall Things

It's fall time and even though I'm holding a pumpkin, I don't like them. Funny enough though, today's post is about five fall things that I DO like.

1. It's football time: I. Love. Football. Growing up, Friday night lights were a weekly ritual watching my cousins play the family high school. The first day of football is usually in September and I go for the New England Patriots. However, being from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, it's kind of required that I keep tabs on the Titans.

2. Cooler weather: Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the summer. But I have so many cute outfits that just can't be worn in Atlanta heat. I like it being around 70-75 during the day and then those cool 60-ish degree nights. Perfect cuddle weather!

3. Hot chocolate: I never have (and probably never will be) a pumpkin spice girl. There, I said it. So now with that being said, I LOVE hot chocolate in addition to my teas. It was probably one of my favorite things growing up as kid. I had a set of Mickey Mouse hot chocolates that I got from Disney World and I used to mix them together for the perfect blend. I'm not sure if they still make them, but I'll be stocking up next time I see them at the parks.

4. Tim Burton movies: Growing up, I didn't get to watch a lot of Tim Burton movies because I come from an extremely religious background. After I was old enough to make my own choices, I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas and there was no going back. My favorite that he's done so far would have to be either 9 or The Corpse Bride.

5. It's my birthday: Even though people consider December to be Winter, this year my birthday falls 3 days before the Winter solstice begins. So I'll be turning 21 this fall and I could not be more excited. I doubt I'll have that nice fall weather and I'll instead be freezing my ass off, but I'm so excited!

These were my favorite fall things, what are yours?