10 Random Facts

If you have my app, you've already seen this but I love people getting to know me better. Recently I started following Masha Sedgwick's blog and one thing she does on her blog from time to time is a few random facts so that her readers can get to know her better. After asking you all if on social media if you'd like me to do a post like this, I decided to  so you could get to know me a bit better so let's get started.

I Didn't Go To College

Even though I'm a massive college football fan (go Trojans), I didn't go to college and I don't currently have plans to. I graduated high school in May 2014 and decided to pursue my career as an entrepreneur. School in general wasn't for me. I felt like a lot of what was being taught wasn't really helpful in the real world unless you were going into a profession that required it and even then, college would teach you that. I'm not saying school was completely pointless, but since I've graduated I haven't used y=mx+b in my every day life. Had I gone to college though, I would've studied anthropology. It's so interesting to me.

I Have A potty Mouth

I have such a potty mouth it's sad. It really started my freshman year in high school because before that I was super religious and didn't cuss or anything like that. After that, it's been a wrap ever since. I use the F word the most and I don't really think twice about it. Probably should work on that, but fuck it.

I'm An Only Child

I have no siblings! I love being an only child honestly. A lot of people always ask me if I miss not having siblings growing up and the answer is no, I can't miss what I never had. I always see my friends with siblings and some of them have even told me they wished they were an only child but I've never wished that I had siblings personally.

I'm Sarcastic...Sometimes

I'm a bit of a sarcastic person sometimes. For example, sometimes someone will message me on social media and ask me "who are you?" and I'll respond with "I'm Toni Baldwin" because I'm not sure what else to really say. Or if someone asks me an obvious, I'll probably be super sarcastic in my response which is probably annoying to others but that's just me. I don't mean for new people who ask things like where I'm from or stuff like that. I mean for people who follow me on Instagram where in my bio it says "singer + content creator" and they ask me "so what do you do?" My response is likely going to be something like "you didn't read my bio did you?" Sorry, not sorry.

I Started My First Company At nine

If you don't already know that I own companies in addition to being a singer and blogger full time, you can find out more about those at ToniLLC.com. The first of those companies was my website design company which I started at age 9. I wanted a website by the same company that built Miley Cyrus' old website and they wanted $10,000 for my dream design. Naturally my mother said no and with her having a background in IT, she told me to figure out how to build it myself. I started Graphics By T off the webs.com platform in 2005 and I've been building my own sites and sites for clients ever since.

I'm Not Religious + I don't celebrate holidays

I'm only adding this in because I get this asked a lot and I figured I should cover it somewhere. I grew up really religious. Now being me, a person who questions pretty much everything, I started researching a lot. I came to the conclusion that religion wasn't for me personally. As for the not celebrating holidays bit, due to growing up religious, half of the class work that centered around holidays, I couldn't complete so my teachers usually had me write a paper on the holiday and why I couldn't celebrate it. Through all of that, I learned that pretty much every single holiday was either religious or simply just made up. Around the beginning of high school, I stopped being religious and never really ever celebrated holidays because to me they're religious and I'm not. 

I Have (Almost) No Pain Tolerance

Yes I have 4 tattoos, 8 piercings, and plan on getting my sleeve finished soon but I have no pain tolerance. I literally almost passed out multiple times while getting my tattoos and my nose piercing. My ears weren't as bad but all of my tattoos, someone had to hold my hand and I teared up a lot. When it comes to any type of pain, I'm a little bitch.

I Used To Sing Country Music

Being from Murfreesboro, Tennessee which is right outside of Nashville, I grew up around all types of music but country music was one of the ones in the forefront for me. By middle school I was singing songs that I wrote over Taylor Swift karaoke tracks which sounded absolutely awful. I also recorded and handmade my first "album" under the name Hayden Martin to pre-recorded tracks from my keyboard which were meant to be pop but were country. It sounded terrible. When I was in 8th grade, I made the switch to the pop/rock alternative sound that I have today after listening to Metric and Alexz Johnson.

I Don't Know Everything About THe Band On THe SHirt

Band tees and tour merch alike are all the rage right now, I personally love band tees in case you couldn't tell by my multiple posts in my AC/DC shirt. However, I'll confess that while I do listen to rock bands, I don't actually always know the band members by name. Now this isn't to say that that's the case with everyone who wears band merch or everyone who listens to music like that but for me, I sometimes know the songs and not the people behind the songs in some cases and I'm not going to pretend like I'm a die-hard fan. Personally, I don't think there's anything wrong wearing merch and not listening to the band but I know there are others that do have an issue with that. The shirt was cute and "Back In Black" is a badass song okay?! Either way, the band got paid and are getting some free advertisement.

I Hate Gold

Lastly, I cannot stand yellow gold. I only wear silver or white gold. I don't know why but I can't stand how it looks whether it be a phone, jewelry, details on clothing or a handbag, it just bothers me. Any jewelry I buy will always be silver or white gold. I love the way it looks and to me personally just has a better look when it's paired with different colors and fabrics.

I hope you guys enjoyed getting to know me a bit better through these random facts. 

xo Toni