I literally have no idea where this year is going. It seems like March just started and I can't even believe we're halfway through it. February flew by and while I had a lot of stuff that I was loving last month, I narrowed it down to my favorites. I may start doing a video version of these, let me know what you think about that in the comments. Anyways, let's jump in to my February musings.



Since I picked up this Blake bag from Coach, I've been obsessed with it. It's the perfect size and goes with everything from a sleek little black dress to my usual jeans and t-shirt uniform. It fits everything that I need and it's still not heavy. My favorite accessory to the all black bag is my Pac Man cherry keychain. It adds that perfect little pop of color and in my opinion, looks a little badass. I did a what's in my bag video for my channel if you want to see more.



If you know me, you know I love alternative and rock music. Beck is one of my absolute favorite artists and this month I've been listening to his 2017 album Colors. "Up All Night" is probably one of my favorite songs even though "Wow" was my song of the summer last year. If you've never listened to Beck, I would definitely recommend starting out with this album. 



So thanks to my friend Kyle, I've finally found mussels that I'll eat. After I started actually going out to explore the city more (plenty of Atlanta Guide pieces coming soon) I ended up going to 5Church in Midtown. Kyle talked me into trying mussels. Now I'll try anything once and the mussels I had before these were disgusting. When I tried theirs, I was hooked. When a group of us had dinner at 1Kept, naturally we ordered mussels and they were absolutely delicious. 



Tea. Tea. Tea. And more tea was the theme for February. I was sick at the beginning of February and I started out my day with lemon throat coat tea. After I got over being sick, I've still started my day like this and it's been surprisingly refreshing. 


Daria is my absolute favorite cartoon. I bought the full series box set a couple of years ago and I've been watching non-stop this past month. I think I'm the "Daria" of my friend group because I relate to this show a little too much. Daria is definitely my favorite show to put on when I want something that I can easily quote or something that I know will put me in the best mood.

Unfortunately, I didn't get into a book last month but that'll change come next month's Musings post. What were you up to last month?

xo Toni