Where did March go?! It seemed like it was just last week we were ringing in the New Year and yet here we are in April. Last month I tried some new things in almost every part of my life and I'm actually so glad that I did because I discovered a lot of things that I didn't know that I'd like. 

Oh Snap! Pickling Co.

I love pickles so when I saw a different brand of bagged pickles at Target, I decided to give them a try. I'd seen them before but never tasted them. They're no brine added bagged dill pickles from Oh Snap! Pickling Co. They even make hot pickles, green beans, and carrots which I haven't tried yet. Maybe one day when I'm feeling more adventurous?

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Trailer via FXX Youtube

I recently started watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia again on Netflix and I've been so obsessed all over again. My favorite character is probably Mac just because of the shenanigans he and Charlie get the other characters into. It's definitely a funny show to me and something to watch if you're looking for a new binge. 


There's something about March that makes me want to wear flannels. It's always warm during the day and cooler at night in Atlanta so flannels are something that are just timelessly stylish and also functional in knocking the chill off at night. I prefer to wear them with a one color outfit like an all black outfit or maybe a grey or white dress. I especially love the oversized flannels because they can be dressed up or dressed down or just add an edge to your look.

That's everything I've been loving this March.

xo Toni