10 More Facts

Recently I've been in a bit of a blog rut and just wasn't particularly happy with my content. I toyed with a bunch of ways to edit my photos and videos and then considered completely restructuring how I did the categories. So I asked you guys on my Instagram if you wanted 10 more facts about me or a Q+A post on my blog and 10 more facts won the vote! I'll do a Q+A soon but for now, I'd love to let you all know a little bit more about me. 

I Hate Being Called A Nickname

This is literally one of my biggest pet peeves ever in life. I hate being called by anything other than my name unless I'm super close with you. I get it sometimes people like to call people by different names as a sign of affection but it's so irritating to me. I know a lot of people have nicknames or they don't mind being called things like "baby" or  "hun" or something like that but I'm not one of those people. My name is Toni and I like being called just that. 

If I Like It, I Don't Get Tired of It

If I like something whether it's food, a movie, a song, tv show, etc., I can literally watch, listen, or eat it over and over and over. Some great examples of this include the fact that I once watched Me Before You 7 times in the same day, that my ringtone hasn't changed from "Miss Jackson" by Panic! At the Disco in 5 years, and that 23 out of 31 days in March I ate tacos. I don't like change too much unless it's a major positive one so when I find something I like, I stick to it and likely annoy everyone around me with it.

I'm A Picky Eater

A lot of people think that I'm an adventurous eater based on my Instagrams and some of my food posts but the truth is that I'm a massively picky eater. I don't like tomatoes (with the exception of tacos from the Deep End or Matador Cantina) but I'll eat ketchup. But only on fries, onion rings, or Tyson's chicken tenders, never burgers or anything else. PB&Js have to be made with more jelly than peanut butter. And my personal favorite, I love black olives on my pizza but never on anything else ever and that's not even the half of the shit I won't eat. I have to be seriously persuaded to try something new and let's just say I'm not easily persuaded. 


I'm Always On My Phone

This is a habit I'm trying to break but to be very honest, with my line of work, it's very, very hard. I'm almost always on my phone. Whether it's replying to social media messages or emails, editing a photo for Instagram, or just texting friends in one of our million group chats, my phone is never too far from my hand. Even with how much I'm on my phone, I still find plenty of time to live in as well as capture the moment. 

I'm Not A Small Talk Person

I know this is probably irritating for some but I cannot stand small talk. I prefer in-depth conversations once we cover the basics about each other. I'm easily bored by "so the weather today was nice" or "so tell me about yourself" kind of conversations (unless the latter is specific). I think I've always been like this but I never really realized it until I started meeting more and more people who didn't really want to have a real conversation or actually get to know me, they just wanted to talk to me. Which is fine too, but I'll talk to you about pretty much anything as long as it's not a small talk conversation.


I Love Documentaries

I'm a knowledge buff and will try to learn anything and everything I can about a subject that interests me. Documentaries and movies that are based on true stories are one of the ways that I do that. I especially love history documentaries. I was always interested in Anne Frank and studying World War II growing up so I was always watching WWII documentaries and documentaries about Anne herself. Nowadays, I'll watch a documentary about almost anything. The last one that I watched was The Keepers on Netflix. I absolutely loved it and I've already added Seven Seconds to my list as my next one. 

I Can't Dance

So a lot of people assume for a multitude of reasons that I can dance. I can do the ending number to the first High School Musical movie and that's about where my dancing abilities end. Other than that, I can't dance to save my life. I definitely have two left feet. If you find me anywhere near a dance floor, please know I'm just stepping side to side on beat to whatever song is playing. I'm not a Step Up cast member and I don't think I ever will be.

I Don't Believe In Zodiac Signs

I know I'm probably going to get some shit for this, but I don't believe in zodiac signs in the slightest bit. Back when I was doing a ton of research after I stopped the whole religion thing, I started researching zodiac signs. Based off my own personal research and my experience in life, zodiacs aren't a thing. I know some people live by them and believe in them, and that's totally fine. But if you're the type of person to come up to me or message me saying "I just loved you until I found out your were a Sagittarius" then you probably just didn't like me to begin with. 

I Hate Brownies

While a lot of people love sweets, I'm not too big on sweets even though I put sugar in my grits. It's a Tennessee thing and yes I know you're judging me. But when it comes to desert, I've never been too big on it. I like the occasional ice cream cone from Jeni's or some churros from Disney World (yes really from Disney World), but other than that, no. But one desert I cannot stand at all, is a brownie. I don't like them at all. I've tried multiple kinds of brownies, but they're just not a thing for me. It's not necessarily that it's chocolate because there's a couple places I like chocolate cake from but brownies are a no go for me.

I Don't Like Cold Weather

Even though I love layering outfits, I cannot stand cold weather. I'm a firm believer that anything below 68 degrees is freezing so naturally, I hate cold weather of any kind. Snow is only good in photos in my opinion. Warm weather and rainy weather are where it's at for me. Fall time I can deal with because it's usually warmer during the days and semi-chilly at night here in Atlanta and I can throw on a nice hoodie and a baseball cap for some football games. Other than that, the only good thing about cold weather coming means my birthday is coming up (December babies where ya'll at??). I'm more of a vintage band tee, cut off shorts, and sandals kind of girl during the summer. 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post getting to know me a little bit better. 

xo Toni