Wow, so April flew by! It was such a busy month for me. I spent the month creating, creating, creating but of course I still fell in love with some new things that I wanted to share with you last month. Here are all my April musings.



April was the month of crop tops for me. Whether it was tying up one of my t-shirts in a knot to make a crop top or pulling some of my favorites. Since I've began actually keeping up with my 5 Things I'm Doing in 2018 post and started working out, the body is coming in and we all know I'm not shy to showing it off. I'm especially loving high waisted bottoms with a tied up crop top and some sneakers. Such a laid back chill feel and that's my vibe all summer '18.



As we all know, I'm into rock and alternative music. When The White Stripes came out, I was obsessed. I don't even know how many times I listened to "Seven Nation Army" much to the dismay of my friends. When they broke up, I was heartbroken but Jack White wasn't giving up. His records have been a staple since his debut and last month I was blasting his new album Boarding House Reach. My favorite songs are "Over and Over and Over" and "Corporation". I also had the chance to see him live at the Shaky Knees Festival (shoutout to Sebastian for snagging me a ticket!!!) and without me fangirling anymore than I already am, let's just say it was life changing.



On Christmas day at around 3AM, me and some friends found ourselves at a 24 hour pho restaurant on the outskirts of the city. It was my first time ever trying pho and I was skeptical because I'm a bit of a picky eater. Fast forward to April, I know exactly how I like my pho: beefy with extra lime and cilantro. April was all about those noodles for me (yes I'm still obsessing over tacos too but a tiny bit less). I did a post on my latest pho obsession CO here.



Hydration is key and I've been slacking on that. But since taking my diet a bit more seriously I've been drinking water during the week unless I'm out to dinner and then drinking whatever I like on the weekends. I've noticed a tremendous change in my skin and how I feel throughout the day overall. I purchased a huge 3000mL water bottle (you can get one out of my Amazon store here) and I try to finish one throughout the course of the day. When I don't drag around my huge water bottle, I purchase bottled water. I'm a VOSS girl through and through. So far, so good!


I don't talk about race and politics as much on my blog as I do on my social media accounts but it's definitely something that I discuss and will discuss more in the future on my platform. Especially with me being "called out" for not naming any black style influences in a video when I didn't even name ALL of my influences. Among getting comments saying that I "dress white" and that I "talk white" and other ignorant comments. I'd had Dear White People on my watchlist for a bit and this past weekend I binged watched both seasons while I was working and it was not only eye opening, breath taking, and amazing but it also for once showed many of the things that I've dealt with. Logan Browning and the rest of the cast did a fucking amazing job. If you have not seen it, I thoroughly encourage you to watch it. 



I'm a sucker for a romance novel (or any romance for that matter, #hopelessromantic) and after watching the movie probably upwards of 100 times, I finally got my hands on Me Before You. If you're not familiar with the story it's about a quadriplegic and his caretaker. I won't spoil much more but I personally thought it was such a beautiful story about selflessness having to deal with what could easily be considered selfishness. If you're not into reading, as I said there's an amazing movie you can watch as well but the book has double the details. It definitely pulls on your heartstrings.

What did you love in the month of April?

xo Toni