Okay can someone please explain to me how we're already in August? It seems like just a couple weeks ago it was "hello summer" all over Instagram. July went by super quick for me because I had so much going on and I was just trying to get everything done even though I was sick as hell. I got strep throat for the first time and it was THE worst experience of my life. Any way enough with the July recap, let's get into my July Musings.



I've been obsessed with this white charcoal detox mask by Context Skin. They sent it to me a while ago and literally every Sunday, this is my go-to to get my skin ready for the week and keep it super clear. I love how easy it is and makes my skin feel just beyond refreshed. It's also super light and doesn't feel like a typical mask that gets hard and makes you feel like your face is paralyzed. Definitely my new go-to.



King Slime Drizzy damn! Drake is one of my favorite rappers. I don't listen to a ton of rap but I've been a fan of Drake ever since Degrassi: The Next Generation. My favorite track is "Nonstop" because it's such a hype song. Any time this song comes on I'm just immediately obsessed and I wanna listen to it all the time.



July was all about salads. I absolutely love salads, especially if they're big and hearty. This kale salad with anchovy dressing, pecorino, and breadcrumbs from Brezza Cucina was absolutely amazing. I added steak to my salad because I wanted something to make the salad a little bit heavier for lunch. I ordered my steak medium and it was absolute perfection. I'm all about a massive salad and this month those were my go-to.



I've been loving whiskey sours lately. It was my first cocktail that I'd ever had that had an egg in it and I've been obsessed ever since. I usually go for a cherry whiskey sour but this one I had from Brezza, didn't have cherries and it was still great. Being from Tennessee, I'm definitely a whiskey girl and this whiskey sour didn't disappoint. 


Westworld is the shit. I binged both seasons this month after seeing bits and pieces of episodes and being so completely confused. So on a couple editing days, I sat down and binged the whole series. I am absolutely obsessed. A lot of people don't really think I'm into tech and sci-fi but I literally grew up watching Star Wars and Star Trek and pretty much anything on sci-fi with my mom. So with stuff like this with androids and hosts and whatnot, I was super interested. Definitely recommend this series if you're looking for something new to binge. It's got some crazy twists.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to get into a book between being sick and working on my re-brand so August will definitely have some more book content coming to the blog. See you next month!

xo Toni