10 Tips for Freshman

Ah, back to school time is finally here! This used to be my favorite time of year and I have to admit, it's still weird being out of school for a year (YAY NORTH ATLANTA CLASS OF 2014!!) and not going school shopping this time year. After high school, I opted not to attend college in pursuit of other career goals but that doesn't mean that I didn't learn about college life and I certainly didn't forget about my first year as a freshman. Today, I've got 10 tips that'll help you whether you're a college freshman or a high school freshman.

  1. HOMEWORK: Do your homework on time and make sure you're always on top of your assignments. I was always stressed trying to do assignments the day before or a couple days before they were due. Write them down as soon as you get them and you'll be way more organized. There are tons of apps and agendas that can help you with this.
  2. BOYS (OR GIRLS): THEY CAN WAIT! Dating can be super fun, but until you're settled into your new responsibilities, they may make it a bit harder. Boys (or girls) can wait, stay on top of your grades!
  3. GET INVOLVED: One thing I did immediately was made new friends with people I wouldn't have normally been friends with. This was important for me because my freshman year, I came from a new school and knew NO ONE at my high school. This was one of the best decisions I've ever made because some of those people are still in my life to this day. Join clubs, teams, and for college kids, look at going Greek.
  4. STUDY: I NEVER studied in school until my junior year and I can guarantee my grades showed it. I also don't like studying, so what I recommend for those of you who aren't really that great with studying is to set aside 15 minutes for each class to look over any new material your teacher/professor may have given you.
  5. FIND YOURSELF: One thing that high school did was help me find myself. It's a popular idea that you have to know what you want to do by the time you graduate. This isn't always the case. When I was a freshman I wanted to be a singer and that was it. Through my high school career I discovered that I had a passion for film, photography, and design. If you're a college freshman and you don't know what you want to do, be undeclared until you find your passion.
  6. BE YOURSELF: Don't change yourself just to fit in with a certain crowd. I tried this many times until I realized that not only did it get old, but those people weren't the type of people I wanted to be or be around. Not everyone is like a sponge but when you're in school you have a ton of influences coming at you. You are what you surround yourself with, remember that. 
  7. COEXIST: I was an upperclassmen who hardly ever talked to underclassmen. Hell, I didn't even really talk to kids in my grade. One thing I learned is that you WILL meet people who don't like you just because you're you. Don't be mean to these people, simply ignore them and coexist with them. Not every action, needs a reaction...that is unless they're attacking you. This also goes for roomies in college, try to work it out. If you can't work it out, a trip to the housing office might benefit you.
  8. GET HELP: I hated asking for help in high school and for a couple classes, it ended up being my downfall. Whether you're a high school freshman or a college freshman, ask your teacher for help. You'd be surprising at how understanding teachers are when you stay after class to get help or even an extension. It never hurts to ask no matter what the question is.
  9. DON'T SKIP: If I didn't have to be in class, I wasn't in class...BIG MISTAKE. Unless it's just a study hall, be sure to be at all your classes and if you can't make it have a friend in class to take notes for you. Lectures and notes may be annoying, but believe me, they come in handy when finals roll around.
  10. HAVE FUN!: Above all, HAVE FUN! High school was one of the best times of my life. I made so many amazing memories from prom, to my first kiss, to opportunities, and so much more. It's important to remember that this time of your life isn't just about a diploma and being done with school. It's also about growth and making lasting relationships that will last a lifetime.

I hope I was able to help any upcoming freshman with their journey into the next chapter of their life. If you have any tips, let me know!

XO, Toni

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