I literally cannot believe that July is over! It's so crazy to think that just a couple years ago, the end of July meant school shopping and now it means being able to break out the fall nail colors. This month went by super fast (to me anyways) however I still found plenty of time to find a couple things to fall in love with. 

Dad Hats

So since it was SO sunny in July, in addition to my trademark aviators, I found myself wearing a "dad" hat almost everyday. I reached for my USC Trojan hat or my Salty Dog hat a lot this month since they can both be styled so easily and keep the sun out of my face with ease.

Winged Eyeliner

I used to only line my eyelid and my lower lid but recently, after seeing how amazing winged liner looked on my friend, I decided to give it a try again. I was absolutely awful at applying it at first but I've gotten better. My wings still aren't as sharp as I'd like them but I'm working on that.


Even though I finished Shameless (both the US and the UK version) earlier this year, this month I went back and re-watched it. Shameless is definitely not a kids show (for some of my younger readers) but if you're of age, it's a pretty entertaining show in my opinion. It's a show that I didn't think I would like because I'm usually not down for UK shows being recast and reworked for the US but this totally worked. Check it out if you haven't watched it already!

That's everything I loved last month.

xo Toni